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Ways to Transform Hiring Practices and Recruit Unconventional Candidates


Here are some ways to shift hiring practices and fully embrace unconventional candidates:


  1. Prioritize Talent And Skill Set Rather Than College Degrees Or Years Of Experience – Technology Employers Often Take This Approach Because Tech Skills Are More Easily Quantifiable, But There Is Room For Improvement In Other Fields. Shifting The Hiring Process To Include An Upfront Skills-Assessment Is One Strategy. Free On-Line Tools Can Help You Make The Shift.
  2. Consider Candidates From Different Walks Of Life – Those Re-Entering The Workforce After A Hiatus (Stay-At-Home Mothers, Caregivers Of Ailing Parents) Can Bring A Fresh Perspective. They Tend To Have A Hunger To Succeed And Are Dedicated. Solopreneurs (Freelancers, Consultants, Small-Business Owners) Bring Self-Starter Skills. People Looking To Change Industries Are Often More Motivated To Learn And Offer Hard-To-Find Skills. Applicants Who Appear “Overqualified” May Actually Bring Strong Knowledge, Expertise And Self-Awareness.
  3. Re-Strategize Your Approach To Training – With Skill Needs Changing At A Rapid Clip, You Need To Be Prepared To Train Employees In Necessary Skills To Get Them Up To Speed Faster. That Goes For New Hires And Current Employees Alike. By Making Learning Part Of Your Company’s Culture, You Can Increase Productivity And Employee Satisfaction.


The best candidates for open positions may already be right in front of you — if you know what you’re looking for. It’s time to trade in experience for expertise and get the benefits of improved retention, reduced hiring costs and greater diversity.



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