Automated Scheduling

Bid goodbye to back-and-forth emails in scheduling interviews With Candidates

With HireOnboard, you can easily share your availability and let candidates select their preferred interview slots, ensuring a seamless and efficient scheduling experience

Schedule interview slots conveniently

Invite candidates for interviews using branded emails that have self-scheduling links attached Meetings are automatically added to the host and invitee calendars, eliminating any additional steps in the process.

Say goodbye to remote hiring hassles

HireOnBoard integrates with Google, Outlook, Microsoft Office, and iCal to completely automate the scheduling process. Set up interviews on the video platforms of your preference and hire top talent remotely with great convenience.

Stay Informed

Hiring teams have confirmed interviews updated on their calendars automatically. Conformation emails are sent to the candidates informing them of the time, date, location or platform where the interview will be conducted.

Select Features

Select the Right Candidate

Our built-in automation and productivity tools allow you to save hours of repetitive work.

Say goodbye to manually sifting through piles of resumes

Make successful match between skills and job requirements.

Centralized platform to streamline hiring-related conversations

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