Offer Management

Hold on to perfect candidates and keep timely track of your offer

HireOnboard ensures that you effectively engage with your selected candidates and stay ahead of your competitors. Our branded customizable offer letters can be signed electronically from any place or device.

Personalized offer letters

Create, manage and track customized offer letter templates for different jobs, locations and departments.

Single click offer acceptance

Modernize and fully digitize your hiring process with HireOnboard’s e-signature capabilities. Extend offer letters to candidates directly from our platform & allow candidates to quickly view, sign, and accept their offer letters from any device.

Fast offer approval to prevent unnecessary delays

Enable your team of approvers to approve offers from any device. You can track and poke the approvers to prevent any unnecessary delays. Automate your offer approval for a fast and easy process.

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Hire Top Talent

Increase the productivity of your hiring process, from the offer letter to the e-verification, onboarding, orientation, and beyond.

Unleash the power of data-driven decision making

Say goodbye to tedious manual onboarding steps!

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