AI-Powered Candidate Selection

Say goodbye to manually sifting through piles of resumes

Our AI algorithms analyze job descriptions and applicant profiles to identify the most suitable candidates for your positions.

AI searches the top talent for your position

HireOnboard comprehends the job descriptions and extracts the essential qualifications that applicants must meet. The AI recruiting software extracts the results from your existing talent pool and points out the top talent.

Employee HireOnboard’s Resume Redactor & eliminate bias from the recruitment process

Shortlist candidates based on their skills and qualifications while removing biased information from the resumes and ensuring fair selection. Focus on incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion while hiring the top talent.

Generate Attractive Job Description listings with AI

Just enter your requirements and craft attractive job descriptions with the power of AI in a few seconds. Engage talent with attractive Job Descriptions that align with their goals.

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Select the Right Candidate

Our built-in automation and productivity tools allow you to save hours of repetitive work.

Make successful match between skills and job requirements.

Bid farewell to back-and-forth emails when trying to schedule interviews with candidates

Centralized platform to streamline hiring-related conversations

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