Referral & Vendor Portals

Involve your current team in sourcing your future employees

The Employee Referral site serves as a central gathering place for your employees to recommend friends, share jobs, take part in hiring drives, and get assistance. Our Vendor. Portal facilitates the collaboration between talent acquisition teams and recruiting companies.

Automatic employee referral procedure

Ensure that everyone on your team is aware of the most recent job openings and that they are simple to share with their network. Automatically receive the information regarding
which team members recommended which candidates!

Create multiple vendors, and grant each of them restricted access to your vendor portal

With HireOnboard’s Vendor portal, share specific jobs with each of your vendors and they can submit candidates to these jobs. We provide you a platform where you can collaborate with your vendors and track their performance.

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Your team expects great candidates. HireOnoboard helps you find them.

Design unique career sites that turn viewers into applicants

Ready-to-use job description templates streamline your hiring process

Maximize the exposure of your job postings and attract a larger pool of applicants

Manage and track job requisition approvals with ease

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