Requisitions Approvals

Manage and track job requisition approvals with ease

HireOnboard’s intuitive and customizable requisition approval feature will help you automate and streamline the entire approval process effortlessly.

Easily Adaptable Job Requisition Workflows

Organize workflows for multiple stages of job requisition with as many sign-off levels as you desire. Create several steps and have as many people as necessary sign off on each one.

Electronic Job requisition forms

With HireOnboard, hiring managers can generate new job requisitions and submit them for approval using electronic job requisition forms. The appropriate job requisition workflow is
automatically assigned to requests.

Simplifying complex requisition processes

Hiring managers receive notifications when their requisitions are accepted or denied and can monitor the status of their requisitions within HireOnboard. A requisition will automatically notify anyone who needs to sign it off as it moves through each step.

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