Candidate Screening

Verify candidates background to avoid 
bad hires

HireOnboard’s candidate screening feature allows companies to verify the candidate’s background by delegating the procurement of sensitive data to the background check providers.

Remove biases from your applicant assessment process

Identify top talent exclusively based on their aptitude and skills using your standard assessment procedures leaving no chance for biases to enter your screening process.

Pre-built & customizable assessment tools

HireOnboard’s pre-built background screening and customizable third-party assessment tools encompass various industries and job roles and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Make data-driven decisions and build high-performing teams

Build high-performing teams by objectively measuring candidates abilities and making data-driven decisions to ensure a successful match between skills and job requirements.

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Select the Right Candidate

Our built-in automation and productivity tools allow you to save hours of repetitive work.

Say goodbye to manually sifting through piles of resumes

Bid farewell to back-and-forth emails when trying to schedule interviews with candidates

Centralized platform to streamline hiring-related conversations

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