Reporting and Analytics

Unleash the power of data-driven decision making

Make informed business decisions with our robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Get deep insights into the performance of your recruiters, monitor hiring trends, and identify areas for improvement.

Easily accessible recruiting data

Use the main dashboard to visualize all your recruitment data. View your team’s progress and performance at a glance. Dashboards are highly customizable so you can stay focussed on what matters.

Gain relevant and deep insights into sales reports and staffing forecasts

Monitor your sales funnel with commercial reporting designed for recruitment professionals. Identify areas of improvement, sales trends and track the performance of your recruiters.

Well informed decision making

Combine information from all over HireOnboard and display it in the form of customized dashboards. Elegantly designed dashboards that are easy to read make data insights and business analytics simple to understand.

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Hire Top Talent

Increase the productivity of your hiring process, from the offer letter to the e-verification, onboarding, orientation, and beyond.

Hold on to perfect candidates and keep timely track of your offer

Say goodbye to tedious manual onboarding steps!

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