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Tips for Designing a Smart Digital Job Board Advertisement


Need some tips for writing a great online job board advertisement?


Before you start designing your organization’s recruitment advertisement, first determine the budget to be set for recruitment and the period in which the job needs to be filled. Based on this data, you then can select the most suitable channel with regards to cost and deadlines. Online job board advertisements allow more scope for experimentation and strategy with regard to content, contrary to print medium which typically charges advertisers for every sentence of text. 


Here is a recommended outline with tips for online recruitment advertising: 


Title of position: Communicate the title clearly and ensure its clear, concise, courteous and understandable. Not everyone knows what a .net developer, or a blockchain developer is.  Avoid using terminologies like “Ninja” and “Rockstar.”  If your job title differs from the standard one used in the industry, perhaps consider using an alternate job title that clearly explains the role. Often online recruitment ads will only list the job title; make sure yours stands out among the other listings. 


Job Summary: Online job boards will show a brief job summary, generally the title and one or two sentences, from which interested applicants can click through to see the full posting. This job summary is the most important part of your ad. If it doesn’t engage and attract the applicant to click through to your full ad, then you could be missing out on some great candidates. Your job title should be clear, and the first couple sentences of your posting should grab the reader’s attention. 


Company: What does your company do, where it is located, what is your company culture like, what industry are you in, what career opportunities do you offer new hire? Make the overview compelling. 


The Job Description: Include main functions of the role, key skills, previous experience desired, relevant qualifications, and bullet point the position’s key tasks. 


Core Competencies: Which qualities, facets or attributes are required to be productive in the role i.e. coding skills, communication, innovation, motivation, organization. Describe what the successful candidate should be like. Talk about team fit and the culture of your organization. 


Prospects & Job Benefits: Highlight what’s in it for the employee and what does your company have to offer. Is there career growth & progression, skill up-gradation, privileges, benefits, vacation time, etc.??  


Contact: Recruiter’s name, phone number and email address – Make sure to mention when they can reach you! 


Specific Requirements: If you have specific requirements such as minimum education or experience, be sure and list these clearly in your ad copy. 



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