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Recruitment Trends and Strategies for 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the concept of a workplace and demands that we innovate our old processes. Hiring has been disrupted and businesses were forced to layoff or furlough employees. The way forward in the new normal will be challenging. Traditional hiring practices have to fundamentally change to accommodate new mandatory norms. Now as businesses restart hiring, you’ve got to plan how to restore functions and ensure continuity. To be compliant with social distancing norms, businesses will need to digitize processes.  


Below discussed are top trends you need to be aware of when designing a recruitment strategy.

Focused Job Advertising

Employers must take a more focused approach to recruitment advertising and adapt their recruitment strategy to streamline performance in specific hiring markets. As availability and competition for talent differs from market to market, employers should take cognizance of how this will impact their recruiting strategy when designing a plan of action. States with lower unemployment rates indicate a more competitive market. Adjust your strategy to gain access to the talent that your organization needs within specific markets by allocating more recruitment advertising budget and resources toward these specific challenging markets. 


Artificial Intelligence  

AI in recruitment helps you find the most suitable candidate from the talent tool. AI features such as advanced search, candidate ranking and selection ensures to get hold of the right talent while filtering out the unqualified.   


The way Artificial Intelligence can work with recruiting is that AI imports resumes and jobs. Then that information goes into an AI matching engine and compares all the information to find the suitable talent. AI accelerates the hiring process of getting to the right talent, quickly. AI helps streamline recruitment for companies with high volume hiring needs by moving talent faster across the recruitment funnel and advance to the next step in the interview process. AI also really helps with ranking and rating candidates and evaluating who is most suitable. 


Resume Database Sourcing

The present market scenario urges organizations to  more focused in hiring strategies than ever before. Companies lose out on the race for best talent, if they sit back and wait for job applicants to knock at their door. On the other hand, companies that are proactive reap in the benefits of identifying and sourcing the best talent , regularly using resume databases. This cost effective source provides targeted searches and sieves the ideal fit thereby reducing time taken to fill in a vacant position. Keeping in mind the companies unique employee value proposition is also crucial. What makes your company stand out among the rest? If not the highest compensation package, what can the organization offer to an employee with regard to his learning and growth? Other benefits, such as the company brand itself, the on job experience, company values , work flexibility can offer an edge over other companies vying for the same talent. Communicating your key employee proposition is important, for good talent to stream into your organization. 


Employer Brand Content Creation

Potential candidates, both active and passive job seekers are today searching in one place – Online. You must be active online, and on social. According to SHRM, 84% of organizations currently use social media to engage and recruit talent.Companies ought to consider the various touchpoints for today’s job market – be it on mobile, on search engines or on social media. Pew Research indicates that 88% of 18-29 years olds and 78% of 30-49 years are engaged in some form of social media. With the social media space getting crowded, with more and more companies establishing their presence, creating the right kind of employer brand content is important. Companies have to create a niche communication strategy to attract the right talent, and consistently engage with them to evoke interest and establish a sense of confidence. What then, are the key messages of social brand content creation – opportunity, growth and benefits. 



The candidate takes the shots in today’s job market. This makes the hiring process a lot more challenging, time consuming and costly. A clear and stated employee value proposition (EVP) makes for a foundation in this scenario. Creating your social media content based on this is important to attract the right talent. Candidates want to understand how they can contribute to an organization and in return how the company can help them grow. 


Social media and a highly integrated world compass has made HR and the hiring process far more complicated than it was before. And these fast paced changes are here to stay. Organizations need to quickly jump on this wagon of shifting trends and adapt quickly especially in the year 2020 and in the years to come. 



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