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Hiring Process Checklist


A structured process for hiring employees will help your company build a competent workforce. A sample hiring checklist will give you the right guidance to decide what processes you should include in your hiring process. Below are some of the critical steps to follow in your hiring process.


  • Hiring Manager notifies HR department of job opening to be filled.
  • Set selection benchmarks. What are the necessary skill-sets to qualify for the job?
  • Hiring manager works with HR department to create the job description outlining the skills and experience needed for the job and the duties and responsibilities involved and showcase what’s in it for the employee.
  • Hiring Manager works with human resources to set the budget for the opening and put in place incentives packages if required.
  • Hiring managers fills out a job requisition to request a hire, explain why the resource is required, and allocate the budget set for the role. The job requisition includes job title, job description, salary, department etc.
  • The open position is published and posted to internal and external hiring networks.
  • HR department sources candidates via different channels such as job boards, employee networks, career portal social media, print media or staffing agencies.
  • Recruiter ensures applicants have completed job applications, background check consent forms and voluntary EEO Forms.
  • Candidates who are job fit are screened and shortlisted.
  • Suitable applicants undergo a telephonic screening.
  • Initial HR interviews are carried out to select the best fit for the job.
  • Best fit candidates are selected and scheduled to meet hiring manager.
  • Technical level interviews with hiring manager organized.
  • HR department and hiring manager discuss candidates and suitable candidate selected for job.
  • HR department gets all paperwork and forms related to interview process done such as application forms and interview takeaways, and stored securely for future use.
  • Selected candidate’s reference verification’s and education validations are performed.
  • Selected candidate’s background check performed.
  • Job offer customized for the candidate after HR department and hiring manager. talk through and reach a consensus on offer components for the candidate.
  • HR department verbally offers job to the candidate and he accepts the offer.
  • Offer letter is send to the candidate who accepts job by signing the offer letter.
  • HR department sends acknowledgment letters to not selected candidates, encourages them to apply for new openings and keeps them in the talent network pipeline.
  • Preboarding setup for new hire to integrate him to new company culture.
  • Onboarding process scheduled for new hire.
  • Employee Action Form filled by HR department and hiring manager
  • HR department ensures onboarding paperwork is completed including I-9, e-verify, benefits signup, federal and state tax forms, and employee file is started.



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