Company Wide Recruiting Culture

Reward employee for their referrals, reach more candidates and promote your brand.

Employee Referral System

Allow employee referrals to bring in talent by sharing information to internal and external networks.

  • Fill Positions Faster Fill positions faster by incentivizing referrals and creating a employee referral program with benefits.
  • Attract Best Talent Tap into best talent by reaching out to external networks of employees for skilled talent that are not accessible by conventional means.
  • Mobile Friendly Interface Single click, mobile-enabled referral interface that showcases open positions, work culture to share jobs with external networks.
Encourage your Workforce

Create a company-wide recruiting culture that encourages every employee to participate and share.

  • Create Job Awareness Create awareness among employees and notify them of open positions, skills in demand, expectations linked with the job.
  • Transparent Employee Rewards Program Create a system to reward good work with an employee reward program. Boost participation with built-in rewards and scoreboards. Implement automatic referral rewards.
  • Internal Referral Campaigns Internal referrel campaigns to encourage employees. Automatically informs existing employees of internal opportunities and makes it easy to apply.

Talent Management software designed for your workforce needs.

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