Recruiting Workflows and Approvals

Define your internal workflow steps and approvals process for requisitions, jobs, compensation with hiring manager.

Automate Internal Workflow

Automate internal workflow steps and manage routine tasks with notifications, alerts and reminders.

  • Inclusive Dashboard All inclusive dashboard for managing the entire recruiting process from resume submission to offer.
  • Setup Recruitment Workflow Setup your recruitment workflow to manage the screening, interview, and evaluation process that suits your organization.
  • Setup Screening Process Setup a screening process to shortlist candidates. Filter candidate applications with inbuilt questionnaires to analyze credentials and eliminate unqualified.
Update all Stakeholders

Keep everyone in sync with frequent updates, alerts and notifications. Streamline activities through entire hiring cycle.

  • Centralized Storage Store all of your hiring information at one centralized location easily accessible for all stakeholders.
  • Automated Updates Send automated updates so that all the stakeholders involved in the process are notified. Candidate applies, the hiring manager and recruiter gets an alert, interview is scheduled. The interviewer, candidate and recruiter will be notified.
  • Carry out Bulk Actions Perform bulk actions and advance multiple candidates at once.

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