Interview Scheduler Software

Simplify your interview process and schedule your interviews easily using artificial intelligence enabled scheduling software and improve candidate engagement and experience.

Interview Scheduler Software

Simplify your interview process using artificial intelligence enabled scheduling software.

  • Manage and Track Interview Schedules Manage and track upcoming interviews. Help hiring manager, team , and candidates be updated concerning interview schedules with notifications and reminders.
  • Scheduling via Email or Text Message Scheduling interviews seamlessly with email or text message to candidates with automated invites, confirmations and reminders.Use inbuilt templates and e-mails for faster communication.
  • Confirm Interviewer Availability Track availability of hiring manager and team where interviewers can select their available dates and timings or sync with Google and Outlook calendar.
Automate Interview Process

Manage interviews with automated questionnaire, intuitive applicant assessment software, use AI to hire the best talent.

  • Build the Questionnaire Build your own customized questionnaire for interview or select from a library of over 3000 frequently asked questions.
  • Applicant Assessment Standardize candidate assessment based on set benchmarks, measure their performance based on activities and rate their answers.
  • Interview Guides AI enabled evaluator with interview guides, rating template and scoreboards, rate your candidate’s skill sets, attributes and the match towards job position and culture, and select the best talent.
Schedule Video Interviews

Conduct interviews with employee screen sharing capabilty and applicant rating system for evaluating applicant skillsets and selecting the right fit.

  • Applicant Rating System With interview rating template and system, interviewers can rate their candidates according to given criteria which make it consistent and easy to evaluate.
  • Secure Screen Sharing Share candidate and the employee screen in high security for effective communication and clarity.
  • Access via Web Browser Interviews do not involve any software downloads and is done via web browser.

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